Apr. 20th, 2011

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It's a good thing the season finale of Parenthood was last night, because my editor just emailed me within the past hour to say she finished reading (!!!) my "terrific" manuscript (!!!) and is now finishing up the edit letter.

That was sooner than I expected, and I'm very glad I've done most of the work on the book website already. I've set up most of the files, chosen graphics, written a stylesheet, and written pretty much all the content for it that I can write before revising the book.

The practical upshot is that the TV shall go into the coat closet (or somewhere) TONIGHT so that I will have no distractions while I set up the manuscript in Scrivener and start dealing with the edit feedback. Additionally, my editor's services also include a half-hour phone call, so I'll need to set up a time for that with her. (Speaking of my editor's services, this means I'll soon get a bill for the second 50%.)

Oh and also, just as I finished reading that email, someone from the parent company of my current employer came into my new office and handed me an offer letter. When it rains, it floods.

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