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There is a literary agency which I would like to query, in fact which I probably should have queried some time ago, but I haven't yet. Their submission guidelines call for a synopsis of 2 pages along with the query letter.

I am talking about Novel 1, here. I would have to come up with 2 pages of text to describe a book of over 300 pages, single spaced. I already have the mini-synopsis that I use in the query letter, and I have the long-form one that I've used for other agencies, and now they're calling for a 2-page format.

Just how many of these damned things will I have to write?!

Don't wanna! Don't wanna! Don't wanna! So of course I will.

The question is whether I'll get started on it today, while I have no work to do and am well-nourished from the Nooshi bento box on which I splurged for lunch today, or put it off for when I'm distracted, frayed and borderline-hypoglycemic.

Actually, a second cup of coffee is probably in order, too.

Oh, and as long as I'm here; this computer really needs a browser update, the post page looks like shit.
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I am unable to open my MindMap file of the novel I'm currently planning. I get an error message every time I try to open the file in FreeMind. When I look at the file properties, it says I cannot modify the permissions because I do not own the file. I'm all like: WTF? I made the file, and I made it on this machine. Don't fucking tell me I don't own it.

I can, however, open it in the text editor, but the organizational structure is demolished. The information is still available to me, which is a comfort, but it looks like crap. I can't say I worked long and hard on the mindmap--this was just a preliminary effort that I intended to expand tonight--but if I had worked long and hard on it, the same thing would probably be happening now, which would be a colossal waste of my work.

ETA: For the moment I have PWN'd the file. I hope I don't have to repeat the procedure, but now I can work on my MindMap.

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