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"You live with her, Ms. Sorenson," said Terrence, with his regular laser-beam intensity
reasserting itself. "If you were Isabelle, where would you keep your check duplicates?"

"You know...I wouldn't put it past her to keep some in her underwear drawer, but don't
bet the ranch on it."

Terrence opened the uppermost drawer of Isabelle's dresser and started tossing flimsy
bits of lace over his shoulder until he brought something small and papery out of the mess.

"I can't believe I got that right!" said Pauline.

--Pauline Sorenson and Terrence Martin, User Assembly is Required. Terrence is Isabelle's dad, in case you're wondering.
alyson_m: That's my face, in case you're wondering (Default)
I will, for now, use this account partly to post snippets from my books. Because I, as a completely untested writer, think it's a good idea to show off the product before I have even the slightest hope of selling it. But anyway, here is a quote from my second book, which I will enter in a contest if I can get it all edited, coded and printed before the end of this month.

"Hey, I'm a goddamn NICU nurse who ice-skates and enjoys musical theater. I can't be secure in my masculinity all the time."

--Murray Tessler, in User Assembly is Required.

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