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...or bloody dismemberment, have been exaggerated.

For the benefit of those who don't see me on LJ, there WAS a nasty collision on the Metro yesterday, but I was nowhere near it. It was on a line that I normally take for two stops, but the collision was well away from my usual route, and it happened before I left work for the day. Not quite sure how long before I left work, but the trains were already delayed when I reached the platform. Still running, though, so props to WMATA! I fortunately work within walking distance of another line, so I was able to take a somewhat longer but much more humane route home, and didn't even know what caused the insanity until this morning.

Now, IF I had left work early, and IF I had decided to take the Red Line as far as Fort Totten, and IF I had buried my nose in a book and missed my stop (which has happened once or twice), THEN I could have been killed or injured or extremely shaken up, but since there was no earthly reason for any of those conditions to apply, I am mildly annoyed but unharmed as usual.

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