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I tried recharging my Kindle today, and it mostly charged up, but then the charger broke. The little metal part that goes into the unit broke off. It's not stuck inside, but I can't screw it back together.

At first I thought this would surely mean I'd need to buy another charger, and while I'm at it might as well buy another battery, but then I found I could also charge the unit by hooking it up to a computer by USB port. So, maybe I'll just make do with that until I can afford to upgrade to a new reader. I think I have enough files on it by now that it's basically paid for itself.

Also: I went to Richmond and saw Wicked last night. BEST MUSICAL EVER.

NB: Maybe I should only recharge it sparingly on the USB cable. The files kept coming up "unsupported" after I let it charge for a while, but not to worry, I restarted the unit from the Settings screen and now the files are opening normally.
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