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My mother bought me a "novel-writing kit" created by the founder of NaNoWriMo and left it in my room this morning. The title is "No Plot? No Problem!"

I find the title obnoxious. I've already completed two novels and have a third in progress. Plots are not in short supply. I have plots coming out the butt.

Once I calmed down a little and looked inside, though: actually, it might be helpful. It's a neat idea, anyway. One of the items is a little booklet of "Onerosity" coupons, in which you promise a chore/obligation/valuable item to someone if you fail to meet your word count goal by a given date. I've been doing that for years now, first with my fanfic and later with my pro fiction. At first I just told a friend she was licensed to kick my ass if I didn't finish a fic (though since we were mostly interacting online, I don't know what she could have done to me as punishment). Later on, while working on Novel 1, I promised not to read the last HP book (or at least not to go online and comment on it) until I reached a certain point in the story. If that hadn't scared me into writing up a storm, I don't know what would have done.

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