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Her name is Dana, and I spotted her at the App store.

I just downloaded the free version last night, and so far I've only tapped out a couple of quick unplaced scenes...but I really, really like it so far. I can't wait to get home tonight and work with Dana some more.

It's not really helpful for revisions; for making changes to a pre-existing mass of text, I need to work in Scrivener, which has a full-screen option that I like for when I need to work new paragraphs into old chapters.

However? For writing up new scenes that don't yet have a place in the larger text? I did a couple of them last night in Dana. And I also did some full-screen work in Scrivener. And it's no trouble at all to copy-paste text from other programs into Scrivener scenes.

(Yeah, I'm sure there's some honeymoon effect going on with me, but whatever, it feels great.)

My work plan for the foreseeable future is this: write one sentence, or the revising equivalent of writing one sentence, every day. No more beating myself up for failing to do more than that.
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