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Well, I have finally finished writing the synopses (2nd draft, hopefully this one doesn't suck) in all formats. I have a 1-line, a 1-paragraph, a 1-page, and an expanded version. Now I need to figure out how to write a decent cover letter, but when I do, the synopsis portion is ready.

I don't want to think about how long that took. But now that the synopsis-writing is finished, I'm allowed to buy myself some more booze. :p
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Between yesterday and today, I am finally---FINALLY---editing Book 1. It's a lot like homework for school: it's really not so scary once you sit down and do it. One of the first, and most important, changes I'm making is to scrap the prologue. It doesn't fit the tone of the rest of the book, I need to chop the word count something fierce, and everything in it that you'd really need to know can either be replaced with a few paragraphs of introduction, or I have another character cover it later on.

The fun part will be writing the new introduction. The prologue, however, is soon to be a non-entity.
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There will be a Poetry & Prose Open Mic at the Writer's Center in Bethesda on April 11th, where I will read a passage from my first novel, Charlinder's Walk.

(Which passage I will choose to share that day, I'm not sure.)
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Another agent query out of the gate. Come to think of it, I haven't counted the number of agents I've queried so far. But either way, the point is I haven't been at it recently, and this is my first use of the new mid-length synopsis.


Jul. 16th, 2009 08:46 am
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I finished the latest permutation of the Evil Dreaded Synopsis today; it needs an edit, but currently stands somewhere short of 3 pages, which is not bad for me.

Of course, I also forgot to pack lunch for the day, AND forgot to drive to the Metro station today; I'm seeing HBP tonight, so it would be handy to have a car waiting when I get off the subway.
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The 2-page synopsis for Book 1 is underway. Of course, it's already past 2 pages and I'm still talking about Gentiola, but then again I am also the writer who just managed to squeeze a 6-7 page version down to...10. My rationale is that the story is very...dense. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.
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For the short-term:

Write that damned 2-page synopsis for Novel 1. Haven't even started the stupid thing yet. Shit.

For the medium-term:

Figure out some safe, relatively practical craft for using all these damn fragrance oils. The problem with candles is that I bought the FOs without consideration for flashpoints, which means I have no way of knowing which ones are safe to use in products which are meant to be lit on fire.

For the long-term:

Learn needle-felting. I've asked my mom for a book on this for my next birthday, but that's in October. I want to make notebook covers to my own specifications. I suppose I could just knit up some fabric with wool yarn and shrink it in the washing machine, but needle-felting provides more control over decoration.
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There is a literary agency which I would like to query, in fact which I probably should have queried some time ago, but I haven't yet. Their submission guidelines call for a synopsis of 2 pages along with the query letter.

I am talking about Novel 1, here. I would have to come up with 2 pages of text to describe a book of over 300 pages, single spaced. I already have the mini-synopsis that I use in the query letter, and I have the long-form one that I've used for other agencies, and now they're calling for a 2-page format.

Just how many of these damned things will I have to write?!

Don't wanna! Don't wanna! Don't wanna! So of course I will.

The question is whether I'll get started on it today, while I have no work to do and am well-nourished from the Nooshi bento box on which I splurged for lunch today, or put it off for when I'm distracted, frayed and borderline-hypoglycemic.

Actually, a second cup of coffee is probably in order, too.

Oh, and as long as I'm here; this computer really needs a browser update, the post page looks like shit.
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1. I put User Assembly in the mail for Gival Press's Novel Award contest.

2. It has now been exactly one year--give or take a few hours for the time zone differences--since I finished writing Charlinder's Walk. That was such a surreal afternoon. (And I still need to find a taker for it.)

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