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For the short-term:

Write that damned 2-page synopsis for Novel 1. Haven't even started the stupid thing yet. Shit.

For the medium-term:

Figure out some safe, relatively practical craft for using all these damn fragrance oils. The problem with candles is that I bought the FOs without consideration for flashpoints, which means I have no way of knowing which ones are safe to use in products which are meant to be lit on fire.

For the long-term:

Learn needle-felting. I've asked my mom for a book on this for my next birthday, but that's in October. I want to make notebook covers to my own specifications. I suppose I could just knit up some fabric with wool yarn and shrink it in the washing machine, but needle-felting provides more control over decoration.
alyson_m: That's my face, in case you're wondering (Default)
Yeah, the subject line is freaking juvenile, but that's about how I feel at the moment.

I've been appallingly lazy about writing, but last night I made lotion for the first time since Christmas. About 17 fl. ounces in all; one large bottle, two small bottles, and the excess deposited in a little disposable Rubbermaid container. Fragrance is a random mixture which I haven't really learned yet, but I'm pleased with the texture. (I'm pleased because it isn't rock solid.)

Also, I should try coming up with a wider variety of crafts that require--or at least allow me to use--smelly oils. I didn't fully appreciate until last night just how many fragrance oils I have.

Come to think of it, decorative candles are starting to look good right now. I used to think candlemaking was rather superfluous, and to some degree I may still be right about that, but it WOULD be a handy way to use up extra FOs.

The real discovery of last night, however, is that I do have a kitchen scale after all. No more guesswork on amounts. (Or at least not very much guesswork.)

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