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Damn, but I am just the poster child for ADD this weekend. I could not focus on a meaningful task if you pointed a gun to my head.
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I'm really hoping I don't hear back from the literary agent I queried yesterday at least until I get home this evening. Because if I hear from her today, it'll probably be a no thanks. It'll probably be a no-thanks anyway, but if she responds really soon I highly doubt she'll be interested. And if I'm going to hear another no-thanks, I'd rather it not be within 24 hours of the query.

My very first query got a response--negative, natch--after about 12 hours. At the time I thought that was funny, and I might have even gotten another one even faster than that since then, but right now, can she give me more than a day before turning me down flat?

Actually the primary sign of fatigue is probably that I'm going more than a month between queries. It doesn't help that I've gone through so many of the agents I compiled in my list already. So I suppose it makes sense that I'm getting fatigued. But either way it's probably not a good sign that I'm hoping this one waits more than 24 hours before answering.

(And yes I am aware that no news is not good news. There's at least one agent on my list whom I queried in, like, January, and still hasn't responded. He probably won't respond. I get that.)
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If you are standing in the aisle of a crowded subway not rock back and forth. No matter how much you're enjoying the conversation with your girlfriend. Just find a place to stand and stay there until the train reaches your stop.

If this situation arises, and you bump into me on the backswing, you will find yourself at the center of the subway car's attention. You think I'm not crazy? You think I don't want strangers to see that I'm crazy? Try it, mofo. Fuckin' do it.
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Things are not looking good for my unemployment claim. Granted, they might not have reviewed and processed the forms I faxed in today, but it's still not looking good. What's confusing is that they're also sending me biweekly claim and direct deposit forms. Do they think I'm going to give them my bank account numbers and file a biweekly claim for no money? It's sort of a mixed signal.

The reason cited for my ineligibility, also, frankly pisses me off. The exact words are, "Base period wages not within $70.00 of one and one half times your high quarter." Which I think is gummint-ese for, "You made more in the last quarter of the year than in the first three quarters combined." And I'm all like, "Yeah, geniuses, those are the numbers that tend to appear with returning Peace Corps Volunteers. Are you assholes gonna punish me for handing over two years of my life for almost no money?"

Ah, shit. Waiting tables again is starting to look like a good idea. And I haven't even thought about restaurants in the area for years. I remember working at Chevy's, and not fondly. I don't know if any other place would be kinder.

Where the hell is that Reconsideration Request form?

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