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I am so obsessed with Lady GaGa's song "Paparazzi," that...I want to see someone do an a capella arrangement of it.

Can you feel it? Would that not be the technical performance achievement of the decade?

Also: if Lady GaGa had appeared about ten years ago, I would have dismissed her as one more specimen of the Spears/Aguilera/Simpson breed and despised her on principle, but since it is not ten years ago, and I am old and traumatized rather than young and sheltered, I think she's brilliant. I'm willing to bet that when she goes outside in plain clothes, natural hair and clean face, nobody recognizes her, and that is the smart way to do pop stardom.

But my point is: Paparazzi, a capella. How many different types of vocal talent would that take?
alyson_m: That's my face, in case you're wondering (Default) would be the church in which I grew up, and where my family still attends weekly services.

Last night was their Christmas concert, which was about 20 minutes too long, but: the choir sang "The 12 Days After Christmas." It involves cutting down the pear tree and shooting the partridge. That's just the beginning. It was hilarious.

It is a church with a sense of humor.
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I'm wondering...what is a good thing to do in downtown DC on a Sunday afternoon?

And before you say, "visit the Smithsonian," that's just the problem. I want to visit a museum or two while I'm already in town to do something else. What else is there to do, with or without company, in that part of town, in the middle of the day on Sunday? I know there are dozens of options, but I'm drawing a blank here.
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I had a rather intriguing experience at the bus stop in Arlington today. I suppose it can be called intriguing.

I was waiting for the bus back to the Metro, along with another woman. I asked her, "So, were you just at the Career Fair?" I didn't want to know how she formatted her resume, or anything funny like that. I just wanted to know if it was as much of a waste of time for her as it was for me. So she said, "Uh, no comment." And then she stepped away from me and stood about ten feet away to wait for the bus, like I was going to sell her Amway or something.



The career fair was a waste of time in that it had nothing to offer a jane-of-all-trades like me. There were three rooms: one for healthcare jobs, one for engineering and security clearance jobs, and one for "professional general." I am only qualified for the last one. There were only two employers waiting in that room--but I knew that ahead of time. One of them was only looking for security personnel. Me in a security job--tee-hee! The other was recruiting for various universities, and their representative wasn't even hiring. She was just there to tell people about the jobs that were available, but in order to apply for anything, we'd have to go to their website and look. So, at the front desk where the girl checked my resume and gave me the news, I said, screw it, I'll just go straight to the website.

So, anyway, I'm kind of annoyed at the Washington Post for luring so many people there for so little. And I just wanted to know if the other woman at the bus stop had just had her day so thoroughly blown.

For about a second I thought I could go up to Rosslyn--it would just be straight up the Blue Line from Pentagon City--and use the Career Center for a while, but I didn't bring my flash drive with my resume and various cover letters on it, so that wouldn't work.

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